Minnesota’s tax rates are very high and not competitive to new and existing businesses who want to grow and flourish in Minnesota. The legislature needs to recognize this fact and work towards greater competiveness.

Additionally, we are one of six states that taxes Social Security. We must abolish this tax or we will continue to lose retirees to other states.


MNSURE, Minnesota’s version of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by every measure is broken and needs to be reformed. Since enactment health insurance premiums and deductibles have risen substantially, and patient access to “their doctors” has lessened. Costs to administrate the program have sky-rocketed including a $160 million failed website, and call-centers that do not work. We can and must do better if we are to serve the public good.


Job creation depends on a well-educated workforce, a competitive tax environment, and a state that welcomes and encourages new and existing business job creation. We need to do better in each of these areas.


There is no question that Minnesota needs a strong transportation system for personal travel and business competiveness. The question is how to pay for it. I favor using our existing $900 million surplus plus using existing sales tax revenues for the sales of vehicle related products.


An educated workforce is the key to prosperity. We need to do all that we can to enhance the physical facilities and programs at our state colleges and the University of Minnesota. Affordability is also an issue and a tax credit program is a commonly agreed upon approach to addressing affordability we must enact.

Lastly, we must work hard to ensure that students have opportunities in learning occupation in the trades at state schools or business apprenticeship opportunities.

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